When in Norwalk, I fear potholes and I-95

Costco damage We were already in Norwalk and I already had the coupons cut out, so naturally I was ready to hit Costco. I’ve been told I have a mental problem with driving because I’m always worried that I’m too far left (I usually am) or too far right in the lane and I inevitably end up in the wrong lane, so I have to beg someone to let me in. It doesn’t help that there are so many potholes and manholes that every time I hit one I immediately check the tire pressure via the sensor system. Ok, maybe I do have a mental problem. Don’t even get me started about I – 95. In any case, we made it to Costco, and I balanced 98% of my list in the cart. I managed to use every crevice in the cart and balanced it all, but I had to unload for the cashier. This is where the EasyShop gun would be most helpful! Of course, the “boxer” could not repack my goods correctly and this is how I had to walk out of the warehouse. It was not fun loading it into the car since I was parked in a busy lane. Overall, though, I had a really pleasant shopping trip and I would go back. Samples start after 11:00, but we did get our hot dog and pizza for under $4.



  1. Have you been to BJ’s in Fairfield? I have the free one month membership and think the place is just too dirty. How is Costco? I used to belong to one several years ago. And, used to work at Sam’s Club many years ago!

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