Kids Rock in Westport with Princess Katie and Racer Steve

Princess Katie and MadsRacer Steve and Mads

It’s Princess Katie and Racer Steve! Mads had been excited about this night for a while, so how could I not make sure she got pics with the dynamic duo? The drummer and bassist were good, too. An amazing concert, especially since we helped define the front center section behind the dance floor, and there was A LOT of dancing tonight by the kids. Actually, parents were bopping to the music, too! I really like how Princess Katie and Racer Steve got off the stage frequently and interacted with the kids. A trail of kids always follow them around. It’s also great that the group met with the kids after the concert to give them hi-fives and answer their questions. Another bonus was being able to meet up with friends. Thanks for a fun evening!


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  1. AWESOME concert last night! We had so much fun, too. I was with a group of parents and we were having such a great time laughing and dancing along with the kids. Not only was the music great, but the band also has a great sense of humor. We’re actually planning on making it to their NJ show this month.

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