Book Talk

So many books, so little time…Of the 700+ books that I own, I’ve read maybe a half-dozen of them. They are all listed on LibraryThing. Most of the time, I swap them on Bookmooch or Bookins after I’ve read them. I plan to just give short reviews about them as  I complete the books so that I can keep a running list.

We absolutely love book sales, and one of the groups I joined on Goodreads introduced me to; it keeps us informed of when they are in our area.

A lot of the books I own, and eventually read are probably old news by now, but better blog about them later than never, right?

My list of books “read” (sometimes they’re skimmed) so far:

  • 0. A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick – I gave it 4/5 stars in goodreads. Yes, I recommend it. He placed an ad in the paper for a reliable wife. She responded as a simple honest woman. Neither were who they appeared to be. Excellent writing.
  •  1. Stealing Buddha’s Dinner by Bich Minh Nguyen. Meh. Enjoyed being able to relate to some aspects of her life even though I was born here and not a Vietnamese refugee. Also enjoyed brief trip to Boston. However, it was very long-winded.
  • 2. FIrst book I finished cover to cover BEFORE the library due date!! That says something right away. Anyway, “Night Film” by Tessl was as good as everyone said. I won’t be partaking in the interactive app fun, but I loved the visuals and articles. What I loved the most were the prologue and the end. It was a great thriller and a fantastic read. I got lost and wondered whether I was in a reality or in another world. Definitely captivating. Yes, I recommend it.
  • 3. “My Life in France” by Julia Child and someone else is a Westport Reads choice. I had a hard time getting through this. I like bios and autobios, but I got bored because it was just too wordy. I enjoyed the pictures and discovering that she was once a “spy”, but I did not care for the writing. If you’re a Julia Child fan, you might feel otherwise. My rating: 2/5 stars (I forgot my own suggested system; the book was so/so; no need to run out and get it).
  • 4. “The cuckoo’s calling” by Robert Galbraith. It was slow at first, but the character development was excellent. A superb mystery actually. And now I am expecting more. Would love sequels because Strike, the PI, is so likable, as is Robin, his temp assistant. Despite my negativity towards it, it is unlike JK Rowling’s other adult book, “Casual Vacancy”, which cannot get through. I highly recommend this one if you enjoy crime mysteries.
  • 5. “What We’ve Lost is Nothing” by Rachel Louise Snyder – not bad. Quick read and reveals a bit about community prejudices, coming-of-age challenges, relationships…
  •  6. 3/5 “the good mother myth” is not a parenting guide per se. It is a collection of essays (if you like reading blog posts this is for you) by various mothers describing different stages of motherhood and how they think they are good mothers in their own eyes, though not necessarily in the eyes of society. Very interesting and though-provoking. We are all good mothers in our own ways. Don’t forget that.
  • 7. “The Panda Theory” by Pascal Garnier is surprisingly sinister.  A man gets off the train, checks into a hotel, gets to know people, then move on to the next destination…but not before he ___. 3/5
  • 8. “Saffron Cross: The Unlikely Story of how a Christian Minister Married a Hindu Monk” by J. Dana Trent. 3/5. Fascinating.


  1. you are just like me , anyway i have 1000+ books in my flat, but i have opportunity of viewing covers all the time while i am running around for my work. anyway i am reading at least when i need to have a look though i am writing critical essays in my leasure other than giving priority to read, anyway …

    nice to read your blogs.

  2. I agree, book sales and other book events are fantastic. I love visiting bookstores, reading groups and writers’ circles. I talk to a lot of reading groups in libraries – it’s not ‘commercial’, the members can read my book as a library book and don’t need to buy it in order to read it, but I don’t mind that. I just enjoy meeting readers.

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