Just Beachy!

The beach can be so serene; a great escape in the early morning. It’s a lot harder and the sand gets into my sneakers, but I love to run on the shore…until I see a dog or two unleashed and watching me. This morning, though, a friendly dog wanted me to throw his tennis ball. Of course, not being a dog owner, I showed no interest and he lost his and moved on to the little girl behind me.

The beach is also a great place to people-watch. To spy on seagulls. Until you stumble upon dead sealife, like this fascinating ray. My hands wanted to lift it and check it out. My brain told me otherwise. So I only have pics. Wait, is he wearing a frown?

The best part of going to the beach is watching the day break after a storm. Quite beautiful.

The sea breeze is refreshing and (I dislike air conditioning). Reading by the seashore is my idea of relaxing. I also like to look at what the waves or people left behind.

Yes, I buy the beach pass and use it.


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