Lego Rookie I am

By the time I was 4, I could recite the times table from 1-9 in Cantonese. I learned to help with diaper and bottle duties for my baby brother. Today I can cook Chinese vegetables to bring out their natural sweetness. Multi-tasking is a cinch. I owe a lot of my mothering and craftastic abilities to my mother, but there are a few things I wish she had taught me (well, we never had Lego sets):

1) how to read Lego instructions


2) if I had known #1 I would not have opened all the bags at once


3) how to take apart Lego pieces that I assembled incorrectly (still goes back to not knowing #1)

4) how easy it is to lose a piece to the vacuum and render the set useless

Learning on the fly is ok. At least they’re not the robotic sets. Yikes!



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