Five Things I Did Not Expect About Parenthood


Back when I was expecting, I had read a few pages of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” then realized it was not going to be that way. I have not read that many parenting books overall, but in my 8 years as a mom, I have discovered the following (not sure I would have found these in the books):

1) You will be building LEGO sets again…and again…and again…;
2) When they like the food you’ve got on your plate, (yes, even that morsel you were about to chomp on) you will be looking for a midnight snack later on;
3) There is not just one birthday celebration, your child will have at least three;
4) They don’t want playdates with peers whose parents you really like;
5) Even though it’s “da da” that they say first, it’s “mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy” for the rest of their lives.

You know what? That’s ok.


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