Pulled Pork Pile

I rarely use PeaPod except when I get those free delivery coupons. I got two for the spring, so I ordered all the jumbo stuff I normally hate hoisting into and out of the shopping cart; you know, like 4 cases of 20-pack sodas, the biggest box of extra-cheese goldfish, and 9 pounds of bone-in and skin-on pork shoulder. It’s a work night for me, so I cooked the pork in a slow-cooker with just some chicken broth, salt, pepper, and Italian spice low for 8 hours. Well, it cooked all the way through, but not all of it was tender enough. (Mental note: do not cook that big chunk of meat for less than 8-hours, though 10 hours is my maximum). So I pulled off what I could (including the thick layer of fat that I would have eaten if I still lived in Chinatown and did not care about my health), added barbecue sauce, and turned the cooker back on on high for 4 hours. This pile of pulled pork is the result of my labor. Lunch will be yummy tomorrow.



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