It’s Her Hair, Not Mine

“It’s her hair, not mine.” I had to chant that silently to myself over and over when Madsy confidently walked into Supercuts for her second haircut ever yesterday. She was ready for short hair and tired of the tangles. Ok, I was, too. Screaming that I’m hurting her on purpose is not the ideal way to start every morning as I’m brushing her long hair. So, we decided to donate it to Pantene for their wig-making program. I still haven’t sent it, and I have been taking the bag out just to look at it again. Last year it was the curls I mourned over; this year it’s the blond highlights at the tips. I felt like Mother Gothel when Flynn Ryder cut off Rapunzel’s hair towards the end of TANGLED. I know, I know, it’s for a good cause. I hope it gets used. I’m going to send it today. Really, I will. After all, she is grinning and singing about how much she LOVES her haircut. “It’ll grow back,” she reminds me.


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