Writing again

I haven’t posted in a while. Not because I have nothing to say. I just haven’t made the time. Ok, I have been enamored by hidden object games on my iPad. I even got my son hooked on them, and we finished two of them: Everest and Amazon. It all started when I bought Clue for 99 cents. This version turned out to be different than the original board game; it’s a hidden object game against time. Well, these games consumed a lot of my time. I have to get back to reading my books and writing again.

At a writing workshop recently I talked about my old goal of writing down my dreams as an exercise. I also asked about using a laptop or gadget instead of pen and paper for my writing. It was suggested that I try the traditional method again to explore the difference. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will last long given that I tend to enjoy physical clutter. It’s much neater to have electronic clutter, and I will have less issues with separation anxiety in the future with the scraps, or even a whole notebook.

Well, it’s been 20 minutes now since I’ve been up, so the details of my dream will be sketchy. Basically, I wanted a Walkman (not sure why because the one I wanted was a tape player only) and it was at this electronic store in NYC. My husband and I looked at it, but he didn’t buy it. Probably because the index card with a handwritten price of $365 was beside it. Yes, it was a piece of plastic that only played cassettes for over $300. It was a SONY original, though. I went back alone later and talked to the sales guy. He said he was willing to drop it down to $305, but will charge me $15 for the instruction manuals and will show me how to use it. The total would be $325. I did the math; it didn’t work out. I also seem to have realized a few things: 1) it’s only worth $40-60 at most; 2) instruction manuals should be free; 3) the guy is trying to rip people off big time. I immediately looked it up on Amazon. Sure enough it was being sold for $60 WITH the instruction manuals. Also, how hard can it be to pop in a tape and press play? I was in the process of telling my husband my revelations when I woke up. I won’t wake him up now to tell him for real, but it’s great that I’ve purged my brain of this I can make room for new stuff. I’ll analyze this dream another day.


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