Why Wii Fit Didn’t Work For Me

My husband bought the Wii system two Christmases ago in hopes that we would use it to get in shape in lieu of a gym membership, and just to have fun. He got the Wii Fit game and even the additional step and paddles. Unfortunately, it was hooked up in the basement. I did envision myself using it more often, especially since I was able to learn yoga moves that I would have been too embarrassed to try in public because of my lack of balance. It was actually fun and I burned some calories…when I used it. So, out of sight, out of mind. The other reason was my toddler son would always plant himself on the step after scooching to it so I would not be able to do any of those exercises that required it. Well, now that he’s older and walks, what’s my excuse? Still out of sight, out of mind. At my doctor’s request, and mine, my husband got me an elliptical machine. Although we have an exercise room off of our garage, I asked that we put it in our bedroom so that I could not miss it when I wake up. I find that if I don’t use it first thing in the morning, the opportunity is gone. Although I do not use it every day, I have used it way more than I’ve used the Wii. I daresay that I’m on it at least 60 minutes a week. I know, I need to put in more time. It’s also my primary reading time, so I should devote more time to it. I’ll try harder. The lesson, though, is if you want something to be used more often, put it in obvious places.

I bought a Living Social deal involving Zumba. Now that the weather is better and I have a car that can run in any weather, I don’t really have any excuse not to start, do I?



    • Great! I found that even if I only use it for 10 minutes and never get to complete my 30-minute workout that the doctor would love to hear about, I actually feel good about those 10 minutes. Of course, there are some days when I have to hop on and off a few times because one of the kids needs something. Well, that’s exercise, too! Good luck!

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