It wasn’t meant to be

That’s what my MIL said when I came back from Bridgeport after the kids’ dermatology appointments. I had to wait an hour before we were seen for 5 minutes (not because that’s all the time we were allowed but because our problems were just for second opinions). Anyway, I did get lost going there. You know, I pulled into the wrong lot. The GPS (both on my phone and in my car) were giving crazy directions when all I needed to do was go back, make a left, and make a left. Anyway, I went to the supermarket afterwards because it was where I “landed” originally and I needed yogurt drinks for the kids. I was also planning to cook dinner for the in-laws and kids. Long story short, I forgot to even look for yogurt drinks. More importantly, I was not given my bag with the meats. WZR was crying and being fussy the whole time so I was a little distracted. Of course, I didn’t realize I left the meat until I got home 30 minutes later. My MIL told me to call the store and get credit back. I called and they offered to hold the meat in the fridge or if I bring the receipt next time I go I’ll get the meat. I asked if she needed my name and she said no. My MIL, master confronter of customer service associates got the manager on the phone. After many minutes and calls returned, I got my credit. It wasn’t quite $20, but it counts and it’s not convenient for me to trek back there. I drove over 16 miles round trip on the Merritt with the death grip on the steering wheel because of the ongoing construction. Oh, did I mention it was my wedding anniversary?


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