Jellyfish in Westport – The Silly Jellyfish by the Hudson Vagabond Puppets

We enjoyed “Mammoth Follies” last year, so we headed to the Levitt Pavilion for “The Silly Jellyfish”, despite some raindrops. It was a good thing we did because the kids (and the parents) enjoyed the puppet show a lot. You can read more about the Hudson Vagabond Puppets and the show’s synopsis on their web site. There were a lot of different animals in this production: two 9-feet sea dragons, a 40-foot whale, blue sea crab, great white shark, octopus, sea turtle, and more. One of the puppeteers was kind enough to spend some time with the kids and showed them the monkey puppet (with his black mask off) after the show. He also answered questions the kids posed, like “how do you sing with the mask over your face.” However, I was kind of surprised at how the show ended so abruptly. For some reason, I expected all of the puppeteers to unmask themselves so we could give them a great big round of applause. I guess last year was different because it was the main character’s last day of work and they gave her a plaque. Anyway, “The Silly Jellyfish” was a really interesting story!

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