Magic of Lyn Before Safety

Wednesday was a crazy day weather-wise. We were heading to the local library for an arts and crafts session when it started to rain. No problem, it’s just rain. Then when we pulled into the parking lot, the rain, wind, lightning, and thunder all came at us at once. I kept us in the car for a little bit before daring to step out of the car. You’re supposed to stay indoors when there’s thunder and lightning, so I took a leap of faith and gathered the children to run into the library as it continued to pour. The line of kids and their mothers must have thought we were a sight in our soaking clothes, despite rain gear. However, the storm passed and the sun came out as quickly as it disappeared. Magic!

The second storm occurred an hour later, after we were inside the house. We watched, in horror, as the gusts of wind, heavy rain (and hail), lightning, and thunderous booms swept by our house. I tried to find a spot where there were no windows or skylights – very tough in our house. Eventually it stopped, and I wondered if it would be safe to go into Westport to see the Magic of Lyn. Granted it was indoors, but what if more storms were to pass through?

My husband did not have to drive through the rain to come home, and he thought it would be fine to go, especially since Mads had been talking about the show for days. As soon as we drove towards Canal Road, he muttered, this was a mistake. There was chaos going the other way with cars merging from Canal and Main onto 57. Of course, one of the stop lights was out, so that didn’t help. We finally got there, and despite the rain, our spirits were not dampened. We barged in and got third row seats in the center.

The show was great! The auditorium was nearly filled (we weren’t the only crazy ones). For an hour, we forgot that we drove out in crazy weather and enjoyed it. We even got a picture of the extraordinary illusionist with the two kids. There was a mix of old and new acts. Even WZR sat in his seat the whole time and was amazed.

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It was pouring outside, though. We didn’t have to swim to the car, but we did have to make many detours to get home. At one point, I thought we would be stranded in Westport. There were trees that fell down, huge puddles, police tape here and there, trees leaning on power lines, downed electrical wires, etc. People were making U-turns on major roads. We got home, but in retrospect, we were crazy to risk our safety by going out into the stormy weather. Trees have fallen on cars in previous storms, so we weren’t being paranoid. We were just trying to be good parents…


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