The Help

Sorry, this post is not about the famous book. Maybe some other time. We recently hired help to clean the house once a week. I’ve waited this long because well, I have issues. Yes, yes, it was truly amazing to see the tubs and shower stalls change from yellow (we had hard well water and recently started treating it) to white. I even saw them scrub the walls, which I don’t do. I requested the insides of the ovens be cleaned. Done. It’s definitely a big help, but it’s not perfect. Now I’m more critical – missed spots, cobwebs on the upper windowsills, etc. Frankly, I expected the grout on the bathroom floor to be less gray, but the microwave and toaster are shiny. For the most part, I can see reflections off of my dresser and countertops, and the mirrors have no fingerprints. Best of all, the beds are made hotel-style. Can’t complain too much and there are no more weird smells. This cleaning for the cleaning people, though, is still a strange concept. And if I don’t want something to potentially get thrown out, I have to hide it somewhere. I’m just always afraid that something is going to get thrown out that I might need. Fortunately, I get to see the trash before it goes. Our old nanny in NY actually threw away my shoes – unfortunately, not pairs, but single shoes. No, I didn’t ask her to do that. I was looking for something one day and emptied out the closet to find it. I didn’t have time to put the shoes back, so I left them out. Yup, big mistake. The sad thing is I didn’t realize she did it until a few days later when I was looking for another pair of shoes. Too bad  for her I was very pregnant at the time, and VERY emotional. So, ever since then, I am anxious. So far, it’s been ok. I just found a couple of things that didn’t belong in the trash, but now I’m wondering what happened to the other piece of my old glasses. WZR snapped one of the arms off and I left it on the bedside. I guess I should just throw them out. Wait, they can go into the emergency bag! Hi, my name is Catherine and I am a hoarder…


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