The new craze, “zoo bands”

Ok, they’re actually called Silly Bandz or something like that and they remind me of the jelly bracelets we wore back in the 80’s. Those were banned in schools because certain colors symbolized certain attitudes. Anyway, I haven’t heard anything like that about these shaped rubber bands that a girl Mads met gave her. I did see armfuls like this girl’s at the last event we went to, though.

I remember seeing them a while ago at CVS and I thought they were cute then, but didn’t buy them because I thought they were too pricey. Not that Mads is begging for them, but she looked so glum when her friend said they could trade them next time and Mads yelled back, “I don’t have any.” I took her to CVS last week and the shelves were empty. I told her I’d look for them on Amazon. I put one in the shopping cart Friday and by Sunday night I learned that the price went from $4.48 to $5! I quickly ordered a few that were free shipping and under $5. No joke! I guess they’re really hot! What Mads doesn’t know is that I’m going to give them to her bracelet by bracelet as part of a reward system. Wonder if it will work for WZR for potty training?


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