Carnival Fun – It’s Only Just Begun!

Mads is a pro at carnival rides now. In fact, she’s tall enough to ride most kiddie rides on her own. WZR, on the other hand, has not been on any rides. The Riverside School fair did not have a lot of WZR-appropriate rides, but we let him go on the one with the cars and some other one called Kiddie Whip. The latter was very appropriately named, and I winced every time I saw them make the curve on the ride. I got whiplash watching them! But, they LOVED it. Not my choice of rides, but the smiles were worth the try. I’m surprised that WZR likes the rides. I guess he’s really a big boy now. Mads went on the roller coaster, twirl a pumpkin ride, swings, car ride, but I didn’t want to go down the giant slide with her. She’d be embarrassed by my screaming. Maybe the next time, which may be right in our own town!

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