More Driving Stories

So last week some lady was backing up at the gas station despite my blaring the horn at her to stop because I’m there. When she finally stopped, she said that she was told to use “my” pump because hers wasn’t working. That’s fine, but she could’ve told me that instead of persistently backing up. Even the people who worked in the store thought she was being obnoxious. I had quite the scare and I let her know that. She thought I saw her hand gestures. Right. Then on the way home, at the tree that I think is leaning over too much, I almost got swiped by a white truck because the driver probably thought that he would be hitting the tree and so crossed over to my side. Good thing I stopped and turned or I would have been seriously injured.

Today, I was waiting to make a right turn from the car dealer’s. I figured I’d make a right instead of the usual left (across 2 lanes of oncoming traffic) to minimize my chances of getting into an accident. Usually, I wait there for a long time before I feel comfortable going. Today, I was making a right, so when I saw that the car was slowing down with a right signal, I thought the car was coming into the dealer’s and I went for it. I got honked big time, but luckily I didn’t get hit. I thought I went too much into the left lane, but I guess it was the car that I thought was turning in. When I looked in the mirror, the car was actually very far behind me and it finally turned about a mile later. That’s the danger of signaling too soon. The cars behind you get annoyed if you’re not turning and the cars in front think you’re turning so they cross or go into your lane prematurely.



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