Fuming Friday

I took the kids shoe shopping at the Marshall’s Mega (haha) Shoe Shop in Westport and was met with such poor customer service! There was a pair of shoes without a tag and the cashier refused to go retrieve it from the shelf. She made ME go get it. Her words, “Then I guess you’re not getting these.” Right, I didn’t just spend 10 minutes deciding which size to get her just so I can walk out without them. So, I took WZR in my arm and ran to the section where the shoes were and back. Of course, I was also yelling, as I was running, that the store had the worst customer service ever. Yes, I was heard. No, I was not treated better. Yes, I completed a feedback request. The cashier also had the gall to laugh because WZR thought it was funny. “It’s not funny….” I told her. As soon as she finished ringing me up, she called the person who was supposedly on break and put her on speaker phone so that I could hear that she was on break. Ok, why couldn’t SHE go get the tag? How about the other cashier who was just standing there idly? ARGH!


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