Tell-Me-Some-Better-News Thursday

I got a call this morning from my husband telling me that the pediatrician’s office called and left a message that WZR’s strep culture from his throat is positive. Guess I’m not neurotic and paranoid after all. Remember when Mads felt like blah last week? Well, she probably had strep then (though she never had a high fever and had cold-symptoms, which are not typical of strep throat). She was totally fine Friday. Then Saturday, I noticed the rash on her face and back. At the time I thought it was a virus infection since her complaints about her throat waxed and waned and her cold seemed to be improving somewhat.

Monster Monday Monday morning, I noticed some red dots around her mouth. She still looked fine otherwise, so I took her to school and then came home. I left a voicemail for our pediatrician asking if I should bring her in. The nurse called me back and was concerned enough to give me an appointment. Fortunately, it was right after Mads’ pick-up time. She got poked in the throat with a cotton swab for a throat culture. Then the doctor took one look at her rash and said it was scarlet fever. We talked about starting an antibiotic before waiting for the culture to come back. I was fine with that. What I was not fine with was making her stay home for 2 days. It also meant missing her first swim class in Level 2. Shucks. I made it a point to fill up the gas tank, though. Hey, you never know! It was raining and all, but I wanted to be prepared for anything. I also went to Trader Joe’s and got some staples.

Monday night, I started feeling sick. I was told it was probably psychological. When I’m sick, I’m sick, but I started doubting myself even though I had shivers, a sore throat, and fatigue. It was business, as usual.

Tough Tuesday – Tuesday was terrible for me. I felt cold all the time, I had a headache, feverish, my joints hurt, and I didn’t feel like eating again. This can’t be psychological! The kids stayed entertained with multiple forms of media. I was used as a snot rag; I was sneezed on; I was the janitor cleaning up the used tissues; and I still had to do all the other things I normally do with the kids, except drive anywhere. It was pouring and windy out! I took some meds and actually felt better.

Wicked Wednesday – I noticed similar rashes on WZR’s belly and face that Mads had. Uh oh! After making him stick his tongue out a million times and having Mads look at it with me, I called the pediatrician’s office after lunch and the nurse took a couple of hours before calling me back. After describing his nonexisting fever, but bumpy tongue and skin, and the presence of congestion, I got an appointment for him with a different pediatrician in the practice. The nurse mentioned that I sounded like I would feel better if WZR got seen. I felt a little foolish when I was told after his exam that it was dry skin leading to eczema and the red sots on his face are from his backhanding the snot from his nose toward his ears. A throat culture was taken anyway because there is a case at home; increases the odds. It seemed like the pediatrician didn’t think it was necessary to bring him in, but I felt better, even though I’ll be labeled as paranoid in the kids’ medical charts. At least I know I can bring WZR to his gym class without worrying about spreading any germs there.

Tell-Me-Some-Better-News Thursday. Yup, WZR has strep and there are more red dots on his face. We got our prescription called into our local pharmacy and I picked it up. So much for going to gym class or for bringing Mads to hers in the afternoon for that matter. I dropped Mads off to school. I called the gym and told them I needed to schedule make-ups. I can’t leave him in the car just so that he doesn’t infect the other kids in the playing area. We’ll go tomorrow. I decided  that I needed to be seen myself as I still had a slight headache, congestion, and a sore throat. I was no longer achy, but the energy level was still subpar. I got seen by a different doctor than my regular one, but got a prescription for an antibiotic because my throat is “really red.” Enough already!  My husband went to his doctor and he got a Z-pack for his sinusitis. He does not have strep throat. Lucky him. I guess THAT’s better news: not all of us have strep throat.


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