Notable Firsts for WZR

Because of the illnesses here, I’ve been changing my FB statuses like a madwoman. In any event, today was a great day for firsts! While I was sitting at the kitchen dining table, WZR walked over to me, wrapped his arms around me, and said, “I werve you.” I repeated it to myself a few times and finally it hit me! He said “I love you” without my prompting him! I got a hug without asking for it! The entire moment, quick as it was, was truly amazing.

His ability to remember my promises and ask for them is elevating. I promised him a backpack today and he got upset when we almost headed out the door without one on his back. He kept asking for it with his pouty and crying face. I found him one and he was instantly happy. He has been identifying items that are his by saying, “me?”; “backpack me?”; “bed me?”; “me scarf”; “me bread.”

Yesterday, I asked him to get the baby her bottle. He said, “oj” (his way of saying ok) and disappeared. Moments later, I went to check on him only to find him in the kitchen opening the drawer where I keep their dinnerware and cups!

Another first tonight is that when I put him on his potty with his diaper off, he sat. I had to step away to take care of a crisis that Mads was going through. When I returned, the floor between the regular toilet and the bathtub (about 2.5 feet from where he was sitting) contained a huge puddle. Mads said she had heard flushing, too. Guess I’m happy that he sat on the potty and actually peed for the first time. I’m not so happy that he totally missed the target. I think I need a bigger training potty for such a big boy!

Can’t wait to share more as I experience them!


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