Fine Friday

I had ordered from Peapod yesterday because I wasn’t sure how Mads would be like today. In case she was able to go to school, though, I scheduled the delivery between 6 and 8 am. It came at 6:45! I thought I was missing Tylenol strips (what I needed most), but it turns out they were out of stock. Had I not tried to go green and selected to go paperless for the bills, I would have known that. Instead, I wrote an email to customer service since they were operating on central time and I didn’t feel like waiting for them to open at 7 am their time.

Mads was actually up early, singing, and dancing. I mean SINGING and DANCING! My husband said she was ready to go back to school. I had my doubts, but I sent her because she did look much improved. After preschool, we went to her make-up gym class and saw a friend with her daughter making up a class also. WZR was so confused to see her and a nanny there because he usually sees them at playdates or the library. So funny. He was so shy and stole glances out of the corner of his eyes. So cute! Mads declared that she didn’t sneeze all day. Let’s see if we can make it to WZR’s 8:15 am make-up class tomorrow. “Why are they even open at that hour?” the husband asks.


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