Tearful Tuesday

Ok, so the master bedroom is still a pigsty, but I spent the entire morning cleaning the rest of the house in prep for the afternoon play date. Our guests may not realize that this was clean. I know, I ought to get a cleaning person, a sitter, and sewing lessons. Oops, I digressed. I am always paranoid about people going home with dirty socks. I’m sorry. I try. Anyway, it was a good play date until Mads ended up in tears because I gave away her stickers that are now sitting on the floor. She’s been very emotional lately; I need some mommy time with her (Sleeping Beauty on Saturday). Anyway, she kept crying that I gave away 10 of her 200 stickers. “Didn’t you have a nice play date?” “No! You gave them my stickers!” I gave her some mermaid stickers and 10 minutes later she’s crying AGAIN! “What’s wrong?” “I lost the other sheet!” “What?” “There was another one on the back of this one!” “No, there was only 1 sheet. Deal with it.” Moments later, I heard giggles. “Momma, they’re on the floor!” Doh!


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