Birthday Bash Wednesday

My dear friend, Lyn, emailed me last week to ask if I would be interested in a playdate birthday lunch. I thought it would be fun, pending snow. Well, there was some snow in the morning, but it wasn’t sticking, so it was fine. When I got to her house, I couldn’t help but grin. There were 4 cars parked, none of which were hers. I rang the doorbell and was greeted with a “surprise” from her. This was my third surprise party in my life. The first was a farewell party that the NICU staff in Boston threw me. Like this party, the nurses each cooked a dish and brought it in. It was really sweet and touching. The second was a baby shower that my hospital site threw for my first pregnancy. It was all planned by one of the technicians that I interacted with daily. That was really cool. Today, Lyn brought together many of the new friends that I have made in CT. She managed to get a great representation, some of which were not able to make it. I even made a new one. I was really happy! We had a delicious fish stew, salad, veges, fruits, pasta, cheese platter, banana bread, and Crumbs cupcakes. I also got some beautiful roses and chocolates. Thanks, everyone!


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