Steaming Saturday

Mads has been waiting to see “The Little Mermaid” for a while. The day has come and we were offered a ride from the friend and her daughter, whom we invited. All was almost well (we got a little lost) until we got to the will-call window. I couldn’t remember if I used my maiden or married name, but the woman couldn’t find the tickets either way. No record on the computer, no tickets in the box. Panic! Heart pounding loudly, I told her I got a confirmation. I whipped out my iPhone, dug out the email with the confirmation (which of course took forever), and shoved it in her face. She found me in the computer, but didn’t see the tickets. The other woman had to help her and they went through a mini-convo about them being printed on Jan. 20th, maybe they were mailed, yadda yadda yadda. They. Were. Right. In. Front. Of. Her. She finally saw them and apologized, but the damage was done. I took my tickets and left.

The show was not the same as the one on Broadway (not that I expected it to be for $15), but the picture they used on their website was misleading. That one is from the Disney show, so I was expecting some of the same songs, or at least the same story. It turns out that it’s an adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s tale with fun and catchy music (except I can’t remember them anymore). It was also more uplifting and not scary because the sea witch does not grow in size and have a loud voice. I liked the show a lot.

Afterwards we had Greek food and pizza in Wilton (don’t ask how we ended up there), followed by ice cream and candy from Scoops.


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