Simmering Sunday

Woke up in NYC…and went down to Chinatown for dimsum and the Chinese New Year Parade. We landed a spot a few spaces away from our usual one. The funny thing was, this year there wasn’t a barrier on this side of the street. My husband said that we should be trailblazers, and we were. Meanwhile, my mother kept muttering that we should be on the other side of the street where the barriers are set up. Instead, we sat on milkcrates and waited for the parade to start. The kids took a nice nap. Fortunately, it was a mild day with lots of sunshine. In hindsight, my mother was right about being on the other side, because halfway through the parade, people started going in FRONT of the barriers and eventually closed in on the floats. There was no intervention and we lost our prime spot and opportunity to get freebies.  My mother actually started yelling at them, calling them crazy. I was gasping inside; it is still Chinese New Year after all and we should not be speaking in such a manner to people! Oh well. My favorite is still the dragon dance. Photos are coming…


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