Sauntering Saturday

It was a slow Saturday morning. We had plans to be in NYC to go the Central Park Zoo and to stay a night at Le Parker Meridien, complimentary of my brother and his gf. We didn’t get into the City until close to 4 pm. Well, we enjoyed a breakfast, a nap, some cartoons, etc.. It was an uneventful ride down and on our way to the parking garage, my brother knocked on the driver’s window. I guess blue Elements are rare in NYC!

After checking into the hotel and throwing our luggage down, we found our way (after 3 elevator attempts on different sides of the building) to the penthouse floor to check out the pool and the views. We didn’t manage to get up to the roofdeck because one has to sign in and walk through the hot pool area. A stroller wasn’t such a good thing to have at the moment. However, we did sneak into the conference room that had nice enough views. Oh, to use their gym required a fee of $10. Come on now! If someone pays that much money for a room, why are you asking for $10?

We enjoyed a nice stroll through Central Park and saw a lot of rocks and ice. Wollman’s Rink is the same, but they charge a $5 spectator fee. So we headed to the top, where the observation deck is free. I loved the skyline. Yes, I miss the City, but I don’t miss the crowds and tourists. Our next stop was F.A.O. Schwartz. I’m surprised my husband didn’t go into the Apple store instead. The toy store has gotten rid of the animatronics, but they still have the BIG piano. There was even a show by 2 VERY FIT (girl was doing pushups on her knuckles) associates. I’ll have to figure out how to post the video.

The hotel room was really nothing to write home about. Actually, I’d rather be home. I hated the sink because the faucet was so close to the edge of the sink. I am a Pisces, so I am prone to getting water all over the place to begin with. Anyway, the room was really hot, and the kids took a long time to fall asleep, even after a Chipotle dinner that hit the spot. At least the bed was heavenly, even after WZR spilled chocolate milk on the sheet. Another bonus was that we actually had 2 rooms, so I slept with the kids on the king bed. Still, there’s no place like home.


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