Festive Friday

Mads was well enough to have visitors today, so her sibling friends came by for a playdate. That was actually nice because we haven’t seen anyone, except the plow guy, since Monday. No, I’m not a recluse, I just like hanging out at home. There is plenty to do. Besides, I went outside to shovel, I mean get fresh air, on Thursday. Surely that counts as going outside. Anyway, the kids had a good time. They even formed a rock band called “The Noisies.” As you can see, they brought down the house.

Remember I wasn’t motivated to clean last week for Chinese New Year? Well, I got some cleaning done, but still not the hard core kind. It’s ok. Since my husband kept asking me about a Chinese New Year dinner, we went out to buy some shrimp, fish, and lettuce for a semi-traditional dinner. I already had a roaster and noodles. My grandmother also made some dumplings and cake. Well, even though the popper popped on the chicken, it was still undercooked after 90 minutes at 400 degrees F. After multiple microwave attempts, it was finally suitable for consumption. It looked and tasted good, though! Here’s a good spice mix (1 tablespoon of salt, 1.5 teaspoon of all spice, 1/2 tsp of pepper, and 1/4 tsp of cinnamon. Anyway, serving a whole chicken = wholeness and prosperity. The rest of the menu included salt/pepper shrimp (too salty) symbolic of happiness since the Chinese word for shrimp sounds like “ha” = laughter and happiness; lettuce = fresh start for the new year; salmon = good wishes and prosperity (Chinese word for fish sounds like Chinese word for prosperity); bok choy just because; white rice; dumplings  = wealth and prosperity since they look like ingots; cake = rich and sweet life; noodles = longevity; butternut squash soup (ok, should be winter melon soup) = unity. I tried.

One last thing, I worry about the package of the raw shrimp that I bought today. The instructions did not include cooking the shrimp before serving them, just defrost, drain, and serve. Hmmm…


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