Sunday Supper

Gung Hay Fat Choy! It’s Chinese New Year and we started the morning with a visit to my Grandmother’s studio. Yes, the 9 of us fit into 400 square foot apartment and had brunch. My Grandmother is a good cook, but most of the food was bought, which is fine.

Afterwards, we went to visit my Great Aunt, who lives in a renovated 3rd floor tenement apartment. She is actually living there temporarily until her 5th floor apartment in the next building is done with their renovations. The poor woman is still living among boxes and she was suffering from a cold, but she was in good spirits when we visited briefly.

We then wandered around Chinatown and watched the various lion dances. This is also one of the few days when it is ok to litter the streets with confetti. Everyone was going nuts trying to get the parachutes with Chinese sayings. One got stuck in the wiring. Eventually they end up wet on the floor anyway (I saw a kid drop it as he was walking down the street and he didn’t even look back), but I suppose the moment was filled with excitement.

Finally, we headed to my Mother’s apartment for some R and R and more good food. Dessert included a green tea ice cream cake (my sister’s birthday) and pies. YUM!

Did I follow all the traditions? Well, my house is still a mess (but I’m not there, I’m here) and I took a shower in the morning (though I didn’t wash my hair). Out with the old and in with the new (oh well, guess I can keep the good luck in the house for a while longer). The hairwashing thing – we’re not supposed to wash away the good luck. On New Year’s Day, no cleaning is allowed. It is a day to be filled with laughter, good times, and a lot of food (the sweeter the better).

Oh, Happy Valentine’s Day! My hubby got me a nice necklace from the store that normally ties a white ribbon on the box. =)


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