Stupendous Saturday

We got into NYC about 1 pm and made it to the Museum of Natural History at about 2:30 pm. It was pretty crowded, but we saw what we wanted to see. We had a really hard time finding the elevators, but that was not the highlight of the trip. Of course, Mads is always looking for things for me to blog about. So, I was walking up the ramp with her after looking at the T-rex when she dropped her ring that her Daddy gave her for Valentine’s Day. She bent over to pick it up, lost grip of it, and it flew down into the display underneath the ramp. She started bawling (I probably contributed to the tears) and we went to find my husband, who was with WZR. He looked for a guard and explained the situation. She also saw the tears, so she let my husband climb over the railing and warned him that the alarm might go off. Too bad I stayed behind with the kids because I’m sure there were gawks. It also would have been funny if he slipped and knocked down the skeleton. Ok, maybe not, but the alarm did not go off, and the ring was recovered.


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