Tricky Thursday

My husband salted the driveway on his way out, but he missed the most crucial part, which is actually the bend near the garage. I knew I should have done it myself because I know where I get stuck. Anyway, it took me an hour of coaxing the car and the ice before I finally made it over the patch of ice and up the steep hill. I put the car in first gear, stepped on the gas, and each time it would stop and slide back, but at different points. I reversed the car, slid down, and tried going up again and again and again. Most of the time I only moved a foot or so. I almost hit the stone wall a few times; the front of the car kept gravitating towards it as I stepped on the gas. Then I backed the passenger rear tire into a pile of snow and thought I would be stuck for good. I did manage to finally get out of the deep snow. Did I mention that my son was even egging me on about going “up!” with his chubby finger? After adding more salt and a sigh of defeat I called my husband. He couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get out. “We need to get a new car.” I’ll be happy to take my Element back. The only challenge is opening the suicide doors when parked in tight spaces, but I love that car. Anyway, my daughter really wanted to go to school because I was supposed to talk about Chinese New Year today. I didn’t want to disappoint her or the 21 other kids, so I tried one more time. Success! However, the road was poorly plowed. Great!


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