Toss-up Tuesday

We had planned a playdate today (aka clean-up house) and it fell through because of a sudden illness (I mean 5 – 10 minutes before we’re due to meet sudden). Maybe we have that effect somehow because it’s happened to two different kids). Anyway, we went to the library storytime and then we had 2 choices afterwards: go to the other library for the story vine or go home. We were actually going to go to the story vine, but a new development occurred. Ok, let me brag for a moment: Mads has always been popular. There really is something about her because she attracts people everywhere she goes. All the kids, especially the ones younger than her, pick up her name very quickly. They all want to play with her. Of course, Mads likes to play with older kids, but will also entertain the younger ones. She’s definitely gotten better about that once WZR came into the picture. Poor girl, though, WZR has knocked her down a few times because of his weight. Anyway, she finds a BFF of the moment and they become inseparable. Today it was a classmate of hers who has not been to storytime in a while. She and her sister were going to the playground. Since it was a nice day, we tossed our story vine plan and went to play. A note about the story vine: the librarian has a necklace of charms, each of which has a story that can be told off of the top of her head. So cool!

Oh, for those of you who love purple (ME ME ME), the color lady, Rita Troshynski said today at a Ring’s End event in Wilton that purple and polka dots are the next big trends!!!


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