Frustrated Friday

If you’ve ever been to the Bank of America next to Caraluzzi’s then you’d know how small the ATM area is. Actually, it’s probably the size of the area at the Fairfield County Bank at our Town Center. In any case, my first time at Bank of America there had been a person at the ATM. Naturally, I went in to wait behind the person. I was asked to step outside and wait. I did and thought that was the proper etiquette given the small space. Ever since that time I have always given anyone ahead of me that privacy that I have come to expect myself. I guess I’m the only one who respects that because today (when I had both kids – one in a stroller) two big men ended up waiting behind me. Of course, with the stroller I was already blocking traffic into the main lobby, but with 2 men behind me I felt uncomfortable and frustrated. I was further annoyed by the fact that I was only able to access $100 of what I deposited until next week. I have bills to pay today!

Then we went to recycle our cans and bottles into the one machine that takes cans, plastic, AND glass! The voucher was good for $2.90, but I forgot to redeem it when I checked out at the supermarket. I normally take an hour, but with two kids it took much, much longer. Although my son enjoyed pretending to drive and Mads enjoyed seeing people from her preschool, soccer team, and swim class. I have to say the highlight of my rant was made by the bagger, “Do you think we can fit all of this back in this cart?” I laughed and said, “It fit when I loaded it, so why wouldn’t it?” The cashier chimed in and said, “It’s different after you bag it.” WHY? We’re using plastic bags, not paper bags and there is space underneath the cart. Just pile it up! In the end, I agreed to transfer my son over to a larger cart and had the bags loaded, but seriously? That’s why I like it where I can scan and bag as I shop.


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