Electronics Hate Me

A year ago, I tried to register my library card at the Ridgefield Public Library so that I could borrow books. As I was standing in line the entire library’s computer system froze and no one could check books in or out. I never went back.

Yesterday, I was at Trader Joe’s and the guy rang me up SLOWLY. Then he kept staring at the screen. He was trying to see if he rang up something correctly. My son began to cry and I was ready to pay. I was also annoyed that they didn’t have any ginger beer. Worst, my kids were not offered balloons. He rang for the manager and asked him to remove a milk listing. He said he tried to void it but couldn’t. The manager used his magic key, got it to work, but then the computer froze. I had to be rung out at the next register and I couldn’t get an itemized receipt until the computer was done rebooting, which usually takes 5 minutes. The manager offered to bring my groceries out to the car if I wanted to load the kids in and drive to the entrance. No thank you. Then he offered the cashier to go with me. No thanks, I want my receipt! Who knows what else he rang up wrong!!! The cashier volunteered his service anyway. He brought my cart to the car and loaded it. I don’t remember if he ever apologized. Maybe they knew I was cursed!


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