Enough of the driving stories?

Well, driving is not my forte, but I have no choice. Come to think of it, cleaning is not my forte, either, but I digress. My husband was out of town since Sunday so I had to brave this snowstorm and it’s aftermath on my own. Here is a slideshow of what it looked like yesterday morning in our town. See, I wasn’t being neurotic. Out here in the boonies, especially with young children, I can’t risk it. It’s safer for all of us if I just stay home. Seriously, if the firetruck needs help…

Today we had a one-hour delay for the preschool. Of course, we were still 10 minutes late, but I digress again. I went out and gingerly sprinkled salt on our driveway. Do you know what I had the hardest time with? 1) Pouring the 50-pound bag of salt into the bucket and then the container I use to sprinkle with and 2) putting the darn spikes on my shoes. Let’s just say it was a struggle for both. Then I envied my neighbor, who is the one who calls the plow guy every time, who actually shoveled her driveway. I was contemplating asking if she would do mine while she was at it. She couldn’t even hear me when I shouted, “good morning” to her so I didn’t bother. My neighbors on our other side of the house are actually away. Hope they’re some place warm. Anyway, the minivan did not like trying to go up the driveway this morning, but we made it out to school. I even went to Caraluzzi’s using the road that people were stuck on yesterday. Not bad today. Westport was fine, too. I guess my own efforts were suffice if the UPS truck was able to make it down and back up ok.


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