Fear less

It was not a typical rainy day. In fact, there were severe weather watches for strong winds and periods of heavy rain. My first thought was to keep Mads home from school and then head to Norwalk for the dentist. But the last time we stayed home from
school I lost my cool, so I decided to take her. I bundled Winston up even though it was supposed to be 50; didn’t want to get him sick again. We made it to school and back. The rain seemed worse while we were home than when we were in it. I was actually contemplating rescheduling the appointment, but then decided not to after theorizing there would be more parking spots because of the rain! Plus it’s not really a hard drive – just the initial curves on Cedar Road. I’ll just drive very slowly – slower than usual, that is. So, WZR and I went to get Mads (this time I didn’t bundle him up) and off we went. Luckily no one tailgated me. I went at my comfortable speed. Of course, I was constantly worried about skidding, brake malfunction, downed trees, and flooded roads. I know, I’m neurotic. Hey, there were plenty of floods and branches flying around! This time, though, no turns were missed and parking just took one turn to the right. Even though I was not between the lines, I figured there were plenty of other spots and whoever tried to squeeze in to my left was an idiot. The dentist appointment went smoothly; no dreaded x-rays or future appointments for fillings. The first thing Mads asked for after we left was a chocolate coin. Is she my daughter or what?

The story’s not over. Miraculously, I ran errands at our Town Hall and Town Center that I had put off for tomorrow before we went home. In one piece. So today was a day I put my fears aside and drove in peace. Mainly because the roads were pretty much mine to conquer. I do so much better when there isn’t another car hot on my rear bumper. I really want a sticker that says “back off!”


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