I can’t park

I can’t believe I drove past the street I was supposed to turn into twice. In the end, I still got there by accident (in a good way). However, I took a good 15 minutes to park. In fact, I tried parking in 3 different spots. I even drove out of the parking lot and got back in. When I was finally done, I was nowhere near the curb, but I was parallel to it. The other spots required too much effort in making sure I don’t scrape the sides of the other cars as I tried to pull in between them. I simply gave up. I must have been a sight for those who happened to be looking out the window. The dentist appointment was fine. Going home, I turned when the GPS lady told me to even though I knew that was a longer way to take. I ended up making a turn into Stew Leonard’s parking lot and turned the car around. It was not bad going back to the scene of my last accident. It was really spacious today, but I didn’t have time to stop and shop today. We had to go to swim class. That parking job was so easy because we arrived before the school buses did.


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