The Big Debate

The big debate on Monday was whether I should take the car with four-wheel drive or the one with front-wheel drive after more snowfall over the weekend. Well, we threw it back and forth and my husband decided to take the former because he drives through more poorly plowed back roads to get to work. Also, he had more distance to travel. For me, my biggest fear was, am I going to be able to get out of our driveway. The last fiasco ended with a phone call to my husband at work and my neighbor coming out in his jammies to get me out of the common driveway. I had been sliding because I braked when I saw the sheet of ice after I turned out of my driveway. It was really scary to slide backwards and not have control over how fast you’re going! Or so I thought. I ended up getting the driver’s side of the car on grass and put the emergency brake on. My neighbor had been coming down of her driveway and saw me in distress so she called her husband for me. She had to rush to a doctor’s appointment. That particular morning was also icy and this was before I had my “ice pick slip ons” to the shoes. I ice skated around the car, as did my neighbor in his jammies. Anyway, after he threw some salt on the ice, he started explaining to me how I should roll down to my other neighbor’s driveway and then get a running start. I must have given him some sort of look because he said, “do you want me to do it?” YES! With a screech or two of the tires, he pulled out of the grass, rolled backwards, and gunned the engine. Like I could have done that! Anyway, I didn’t want that to happen again, so I didn’t let myself panic this time when I couldn’t even get past the stone wall in my driveway. The car wouldn’t go! I was in first gear and was going slow and steady, but we weren’t going! I put the car in reverse and let it roll a little and tried again. Nope. Mads said, “Mom, call Daddy. You don’t know how to drive in the snow.” I shushed her and told her I was going to try again. I really did almost believe her, even contemplated leaving the car there and going back into the house, but it was the first day back to school. We were also expecting oil delivery; can’t block him fro entering. So I made it out, finally, by pressing on the gas at the resistant point. After I dropped Mads off, I decided to go to the bank and grocery store. What, you thought I was going to go back down the driveway and go through that again in 2 hours?  Nope, I braved the roads and was even early to pick her up. Sigh, the winter’s just begun…


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