First Night Westport Weston 2010

We played it by ear this year because it was so bitter last year. It snowed all morning, so we got 3 inches. There was talk about it turning into rain. Also, the kids fell asleep about 1 pm. Three o’ clock rolled around and they were still napping, but we got ready to go anyway. The plan was to go to the bouncy house, magic show, and get Mads’ face painted. We finally made it out of the house and actually ended up staying for the fireworks. A lot was accomplished: bouncy house, Lalie, horse carriage ride, magic show, square dancing, Chris Coogan’s show, and finally the fireworks, which were amazing! We stood by the river near the lower entrance of the libraryOuSe we walked back to the parking lot, I was drawn to the bonfire. Oh, what a night! Good thing I was a walking deli with coldcuts, cheese cubes, grapes, crackers, lemonade boxes, and cookies. It was also a warm and clear night – perfect, really.


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