Her First Movie Ever

I  took Mads to her first ever movie theater experience with our friends sans WZR. We saw The Princess and the Frog. Mads dressed for the occasion in her Cinderella dress with a crown. She wanted to wear her princess heels, but I drew the line there.

The theater was actually pretty empty, but it was small enough so as to not overwhelm her. Our friends got popcorn and she had some candy; the eating part was what she relished most of all. Otherwise I think she just felt like she was watching tv, but with other people.
Now, about the movie: it was cute. The voodoo stuff was a little over the top, actually, somewhat scary. Like most Disney movies, there is love, death, and lessons to be learned. Overall, it was a good movie with some catchy tunes, but there were a couple of areas that required some thought. I don’t think Mads cared one way or the other, but as an older viewer, I have some questions:

  1. How did Prince Naveen get changed into a frog? Like he said, one minute he’s dancing and the next he’s a frog.
  2. Why didn’t Charlotte just front Tiana the money for the restaurant?
  3. Did Tiana still live with her mother? The scene showed Tiana as a little girl leaving her room and coming back as an older Tiana. Then her mother shows up at the restaurant-to-be with Tiana’s father’s cauldron as a gift.

Ok, I’ll stop asking questions. As my husband would say, “It’s a movie.” I like that there’s a new princess in town, though.


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