The Joy of Passing an Exam

My heart was pounding after I decided to call the Commission of Pharmacy. It’s been 3 weeks since I took the exam. Last time I got a letter in less than 2 weeks, but noticed the date was just 2 days after I took the exam. I figured I either failed and they’re taking their time, or I might have actually passed. I couldn’t not know anymore. I heard my voice shake when I replied with my own, “good afternoon.” I started explaining that I took my exam on 11/24 and was wondering if I missed any mail from them. The woman said, right away, “Catherine? You passed. Didn’t you get something from us?…sent out December 2nd…” I stopped holding my breath. I kept my calm, but holy smokes! Later I found out that I only passed by 4 points after buying a book and studying a little more than the first time. It’s ok, the important thing is: I. Passed. I’m still not over the moment when she said my name because I never told her that piece. Hmmm…


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