Westport Pizzeria

Not the BEST I’ve ever had, but good enough to serve adults and children for Mads’ 4th birthday party. Even my husband ok’ed it. So I called (gasp!) and asked (double gasp!) if they would offer a discount if I gave them a large order. I ordered 10 pies and a platter of baked ziti; the guy gave me about a 10% discount. How cool is that? And although he wasn’t sure if they took Discover (I knew they did because I used the card the night before), the man who took my order said if they don’t I can write him a check or pay him next time I go in. Wow! I like local businesses! Don’t be fooled by the crampiness when you walk into the restaurant because all the chairs seem to be occupied all the time. Also, during the summer, we saw a lot of their boxes at the Levitt Pavilion.


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