Mike’s Pizza

I have a problem with dry food – I don’t like it. Pizza is no different; I like it with a lot of sauce. The plain pie I ordered was greasy (I used a lot of paper towels to dab at the cheese). The clam pie I ordered was not what I expected; it was mistaken for a plain pie with clam topping vs. white pizza with clam topping (this is the exception to my lots of sauce pizza rule). Anyway, I should have known I wouldn’t be happy with it the minute I placed the boxes on the passenger seat. The smell was of grease. Ok, the first slice was ok, but subsequent slices were not satisfying. The clam pizza tasted just like the plain. As my  husband put it, “it has no taste.” Of course, Mads and WZR ate it just the same. Thus, Mike’s Pizza in Westport would be fine for kids’ parties, but not for the snobby pizza lovers that we are.


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