Muddy Monday

The morning started out fine, then it started raining. It pretty much rained all day after that and the roads were pretty muddy, which made driving a bit challenging. I’m back with my first love, the Element, until the minivan gets a new bumper. They estimated 2 days. Ha! The last time I had my sensor fixed by the dealer, it took at least a week for it to arrive and a day to install it. Plus, I had to bring it back because they needed another part. A year ago, the poor car was at the shop for at least 3 months. Ugh! Well, there was a lot more damage and more parts were needed since the airbags went off. Of course, they also found more damage. Hopefully, this time it will be straightforward. No, my husband’s right. We can’t make this a Thanksgiving tradition. Interestingly, he said that there were 3 other guys whose wives also got into accidents and were dropping off cars in the morning. Guess it happens to the best of us.


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