Sunday couldn’t come soon enough

Sunday couldn’t come soon enough because I’m a bad traveler. I always worry about whether or not I turned the stove off, closed the refrigerator door tightly, locked the doors, unplugged the iron, etc. Also, I do like the comfort of my home, as messy as it is. Mads, on the other hand, loves staying in hotels. We finally found out why…she likes the complimentary “color cereal” that’s served at Best Western. I used to like that particular hotel for the waffle iron, but I have one of my own now, so there’s no need to stay there anymore. Well, since we stayed at a different hotel this time, she kept asking every morning where we were going to have breakfast. There was always a look of disappointment when we said, Dunkin Donuts or Grammy’s house because fruity pebbles were not in tow. I promised her I would get some if that’s why she keeps asking to stay at a hotel. Kids sure are funny, aren’t they? And the things they remember…

By the way, the house was fine while we were away. Of course, it was, I’m just crazy.


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