Sad Saturday

We learned about an uncle’s passing in his sleep today. He was my husband’s ex-uncle (divorced his aunt many years ago), but we would see him at family gatherings for his grandchildren’s birthdays and other celebrations. The few times I had conversations with him, I enjoyed chatting with him, especially since he used to be in pharmaceuticals. He was actually someone very important before he retired. I remember feeling badly one time when he said, “what a waste” after I mentioned that I was staying home with the kids for now. But I also remember how I admired his interactions with each of his eight grandchildren. The last time we saw him in August of this year, we learned that he was really getting into the use of technology. That was uplifting to hear for someone to be so interested at age 63. My parents stopped at opening an email account. He took classes at the Apple store and learned to make movies and organize thousands of pictures. He also recently purchased his dream car. From what I gathered, he lived a full life. That is certainly something to strive for – living a full life, so I am grateful for what I have. I will also not sweat the small stuff. Life is too unpredictable, so take it one day at a time.

Uncle M was someone’s husband, father, grandfather, brother…may he rest in peace.


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