Friendly Friday

Today was a day of friendly encounters. In the afternoon, we reconnected with old friends we see monthly, but rarely get to really talk to. Mads also hasn’t played with her friends in a while without distraction. She did a good job of sharing and being nice this time. Sometimes Mads forgets that she’s not the queen of the scene. However, we did all have to be her assistant in her imaginary magic shows.

In the evening, a friend came by in her mobile house (SUV) and we made it to a Mexican restaurant for mom’s night out. There were 6 of us; one woman was a new face to me. I had a good time and enjoyed the company, as well as my food and drinks. No frantic phone calls or emails were received throughout the night, but they were still awake when I got in at 10. They did fall asleep shortly after, though.


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