Trembling Thursday

My heart has not pounded for a while when turning on the ignition of the car. Today, it started again as I was heading to an auto body shop that had “Collision Center” in its name to meet the adjuster. Wouldn’t it be ironic if a collision occurred right there? I know, I am a pessimist. Did I become a pessimist first or did bad things happen to me and then I began thinking negatively. Who knows? In any case, I analyzed google maps last night. I even clicked on the pictures on the list so that I can see where the turning points will be. Neurotic, I know, but the GPS lady doesn’t always tell me to turn in time, and her target point is usually off by at least 800 feet. Anyway, it was really fine. I stayed in the left lane on the main road because I knew I had left turns to make. The challenge was getting around a landscape truck and guys blowing leaves. It turns out a new bumper and sensor pad is needed. The guesstimate of how long it will take? Two days. Sorry, but I have to remain a pessimist only because I know from past experience that it takes the parts more than 2 days to arrive to the shop. Hopefully nothing else is needed, but ya never know, right?


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