Magnificent Monday

If you asked me a year ago how I liked living in the ‘burbs, my answer would be mostly negative. I can’t walk anywhere, there are no streetlights here, I have to drive everywhere in a minivan, yada yada yada. While these are still true, I am glad we made the move. I’ve made friends. I can remember the names of Mads’ classmates and their moms (well, most of them). I’m back in a book club. I can walk to town from Mads’ preschool with WZR on my front/back. I can be at the beach within 20 minutes. I can visit multiple libraries in an afternoon. I am more comfortable with driving in the dark (what choice do I have when it’s pitch black at 5 pm?). There are more book sales in CT. Our weekends are fuller. The air is fresher. The skies are prettier, especially at night – I can see the stars! Ok, I still will decide whether or not to attend an event based on my research about the driving directions and parking situations. Let’s face it, I may be less intimidated by the roads in Fairfield County, but I still can’t park in lots with tight spaces between other minivans and I still don’t do well with joggers/bikers in my lane (or yours). So, if you see a minivan pulling in and out of a spot, or circling around the parking lot multiple times to look for a less accident-prone spot, have mercy on me. Sure I have more house to clean, more four-legged creatures staring me down, and bugs I itch just thinking about. That’s ok, because I’m good enough, I’m happy enough, and doggone it, people seem to like my family. What do I really enjoy? Driving home to the sunset in my backyard.



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