Early Friday the 13th Luck

So, it was a weird afternoon. It started with trying to bake pumpkin bread from scratch and measuring 2 teaspoonsful of baking powder instead of baking soda. I had already mixed in the cinnamon before I realized that. I remeasured. When the mixture was in the oven, I served chocolate milk and goldfish, which both splattered onto the kitchen floor. A little while later, WZR decided to open his sippy cup and spread the milk. I heard “splat splat splat” as I was loading the dishwasher. I walked around the island and saw the mess. That wasn’t the end. As I was moving the pan to the sink from the stovetop I spilled the water I was soaking it with because I forgot from this morning. Thankfully the baths were drier than these messes. I’ll take this kind of luck over other catastrophes tomorrow.


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