Fearless Friday

I still hate the exit out of Norfield Church. So I didn’t see any cars coming on my left, but just as I started turning left my heart dropped to my stomach because there was heading towards me. It was a Matrix moment, where everything happened in slo-mo. Of course, I completed my turn in fast-mo, which is a lesson I learned the hard way, but it was definitely a near miss. I keep reminding myself when I go north on Norfield Road to drive at, or below, speed limit because others may be trying to make left turns, too. Also, the police station is located on that road. My problem is that the exit is at the bottom of the hill and I can’t see the cars that have gone up the hill and come down. Anyway, as I was approaching the zenith of a hill on my road, I stopped in time to avoid running a neighbor who likes to walk in the middle of the lane with her head down. Do you have one of those? Then there was parking and pulling out in the crazy lot where Fresh Market is located to get to the Little Gym. To complete the day, I asked for the stinky ballet slippers back because I finally found the box. I rehearsed the conversation so many times, but in the end, it was fine. Moms understand moms who get sentimental about things like that. Now I have Mads’ recital dress and first pair of ballet slippers.


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